Ichungwa accuses DP Gachagua of blackmailing Mount Kenya leaders for selfish interests

Ichungwa accuses DP Gachagua  of blackmailing Mount Kenya leaders for selfish interests

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwa has criticized Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s push for Mount Kenya unity, accusing him of using blackmail to advance selfish interests.

Ichungwa made the remarks during a Sunday service in Meru on June, 9, 2024 where he insisted on opposing the Deputy President unless, Gachagua begins showing respect towards other regional leaders.

“We have a problem; we are not saying we unite for the sake of Mount Kenya people when we are, but we are being told everyone, including elected leaders, to follow one person to be taken where he wants. As a leader, I will not keep quiet while those leaders are being mistreated,” he said.

At the same time, Ichung’wah called on elected leaders to shun divisive politics and instead preach national unity.

In what seemed like a direct attack on Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Ichung’wa alleged that Members of Parliament from Mt Kenya region have been coerced and intimidated to support the DP and toe to the line.

However, Ichung’wa said he will not be intimidated but will speak on behalf of his colleagues whom he says are being threatened.

He accused Gachagua of hiding behind the community and trying to blackmail the president for his own selfish interests.

On the issue of revenue allocation, the Kikuyu MP urged the DP to follow the correct constitutional channels.

His sentiments were echoed by National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula, who emphasized the need for national unity.

Wetangula said leaders need to unite the country instead of dividing it on ethnicity.

This was after Gachagua called on those who disagree with his approach to come forward publicly rather than criticizing from the sidelines.

“Kenya is an indivisible state; our unity is our strength. Greed and personal aggrandizement will not divide us. We are beyond blackmail, threats, and the intimidation of personality cults and worship,” Ichung’wah said.

Meanwhile, as President Ruto and his deputy attended the Akorino church service in Nakuru on June 9, 2024, their supporters differed over the ‘one man, one vote, one shilling’ conversation.

Leaders allied to the deputy president support the call for a one-man-one-shilling revenue-sharing formula, while President Ruto’s allies insist the formula will be unfair to other regions.

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