Gen-Z funded by foreigners to protest against Finance Bill – Isaac Mwaura

Gen-Z funded by foreigners to protest against Finance Bill – Isaac Mwaura

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura on Saturday, June 22, 2024 accused some foreign power of sponsoring Gen-Z to protest against the Finance Bill in different parts of the country.

During a press briefing, Mwaura alleged that there were certain powerful international players financing Gen-Z protests against the Finance Bill.

According to the government spokesperson, some international players were not pleased with President William Ruto’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“Gen Z please listen to me, there are genuine people who are asking genuine questions but there is a group somewhere if I look keenly from afar there could be a foreign hand into this issue,” Mwaura said.

“This is because our president has spoken many things about us internationally. He has said that we must counter climate change and rallied the whole of Africa together and maybe some people are not happy,” he added.

Mwaura further alleged that some foreign powers were not happy with Ruto’s efforts to end reliance on the United States dollar as the main currency for international trade.

Mwaura further remarked that some international players were not happy that Ruto had stated Kenya was being affected by the Russian conflict.

His remarks emerged a few days after Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi alleged that some foreign power was behind the ‘Occupy Parliament’ protests in Nairobi and other parts of the country.

In a statement on June 19, 2024, Ngunyi noted that the ‘Reject Finance Bill’ protests led by Kenyan youth were being sponsored by some foreign powers, unhappy with President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza government.

At the same time, the political analyst advised members of parliament to not only look at protesting citizens but also external forces behind the demonstrations.

“Dear MPs, have you considered that a foreign power, unhappy with Ruto wants to Occupy Parliament?

“This protest against Finance Bill 2024 is not organic. Telephone numbers etc.. Someone wants to destabilise Kenya and create an Arab Spring! And our foolish children are the toys,” Mutahi Ngunyi noted in a statement posted on X.

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