Reject hour: Gen Z force DJ to play national anthem at midnight

Reject hour: Gen Z force DJ to play national anthem at midnight

Reject hour was the theme in towns across Kenya.

From the bustling streets of Mombasa to the highlands of Eldoret, something extraordinary happened.

As the clock struck twelve, the lively music and energetic dancing in clubs came to a sudden halt. It was the #RejectHour.

Moreover, in Eldoret, the DJ at a popular club silenced the speakers. Patrons looked around, their curiosity piqued.

The DJ grabbed the microphone and spoke with a firm voice, “This is the #RejectHour. We stand together against the Finance Bill 2024. Let’s make parliament reject it!”

The room filled with a hushed anticipation.

Across the country, similar scenes played out. In Thika, the music stopped abruptly, and people began to chant slogans against the bill.

In Mombasa, a DJ played “Sitasimama Maovu Yakitawala” by rapper Juliani, the powerful lyrics echoing through the club.

Some patrons sang the national anthem while others chanted, their voices unified in protest.

At the Mombasa Yacht Club, the mood was sombre. “Light up your torch for Rex,” the DJ urged.

“He was fighting for us when he was allegedly killed.” The crowd honoured fallen activist Rex Kanyike Masai, their torches flickering in the dim light.

However, not everyone was on board regarding the Reject hour.

In some clubs, women were restricted from participating, sparking outrage. Disgruntled patrons walked out, their frustration evident.

Despite the challenges, the message was clear. From Kericho to Mombasa, the #RejectHour made a powerful statement.

Furthermore, the people of Kenya were united, standing firm against the Finance Bill 2024.

Their voices rose together, a chorus of resistance that echoed through the night.

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