Government to ban bail for livestock theft suspects

Government to ban bail for livestock theft suspects

The Government of Malawi is taking a tough stance on livestock theft.

They’re proposing a new law that would deny bail to anyone arrested for stealing livestock, like cows.

Strict laws

This move comes as part of the government’s measure to deal with livestock theft in the country.

In a recent decision, the Malawian Cabinet approved the introduction of “The Criminal Procedure Code Bill, 2023”

The main objective of the bill is to make stock theft a non-bailable offense.

This way people cattle rustlers and livestock thieves might avoid crime.

No bail

The Malawian Chief Government spokesperson, Chushi Kasanda, shared this information with the nation.

Firstly, she explained that this decision was made during the 14th Cabinet meeting, called by President Hakainde Hichilema.

She said:

“We are concerned by the increasing level of livestock theft in Malawi and in agreement it must be dealt with.”

Additionally, the Cabinet approved the introduction of another bill, “The Penal Code Bill, 2023.”

Secondly, the bill’s objective is to revise penalties associated with stock theft and ensure the culprits don’t get away easily.

Increasing incidents of stock theft in the country led to the need to amend the Penal Code Act.

The goal is to not only revise penalties but also to deter potential criminals from engaging in stock theft.

This, in turn, promotes economic growth at the household level.

The Cabinet united in its belief that deterring livestock theft is essential to safeguard the country against criminal activity.

They considered stiffer penalties, as proposed in the bills, to be a more appropriate solution to tackle the issue.

Furthermore, by taking these steps, the government hopes to protect the livelihoods of its citizens and foster a safer and more secure environment.

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