It Is Wrong To Let Schools Go Unfunded Despite Budgetary Allocation?

It Is Wrong To Let Schools Go Unfunded Despite Budgetary Allocation?

The funding crisis in schools nationwide demands urgent attention and resolution. The delayed allocation of government funds threatens to undermine the very foundation of education, putting the future of our students at risk.

Reports of schools facing closure before the April 5, 2024 date due to lack of funds are distressing. It is unacceptable that some institutions may not even be able to conduct essential end-of-term exams, resorting to makeshift solutions like continuous assessment tests.

The population of the Kenyan youth in educational institutions is about 18.2M children. PHOTO/COURTESY

The plight of schools extends beyond academic activities, with reports that some boarding schools are now being forced to ration food for students. What a shame! Yet the allocation for education in the current budget is a staggering 628 billion shillings.

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Was this just an allocation on paper with no real intention to adequately ensure schools receive the money? With just three months left to the end of the financial year, it means schools may never receive these funds.

It is also very curious that these delays are also affecting university tuition fees, despite the government rolling out a new financing model. Was there any proper thinking behind this major shift? The situation reeks of high hypocrisy on the part of government in the face of promises made to Kenyan youth.

Many questions arise on the government’s priorities and whether or not education is receiving the attention it deserves. At a time when the demand on Kenyans is to pay more taxes, it is only fair that we demand better for the sake of our children.

The Ministry of Education must act swiftly to release the allocated funds to schools and universities. Empty promises will no longer suffice as it is our children’s futures on the line.

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