Khaligraph Jones ignites fire with his diss track towards Tanzanian Rappers

Khaligraph Jones ignites fire with his diss track towards Tanzanian Rappers

He has recently been trending online after he sparked a supremacy rap battle between Kenyans and Tanzanians.

A few days ago, in his usual cocky fashion, Papa Jones took to Instagram to invite Tanzanian rappers to a battle, asking them to step in the booth and show their worth or face his lyrical wrath.

Tanzanians, your rappers have 24 hours to respond,” Khaligraph declared.

“Failure to which I will launch an attack and I will take over the whole Tanzanian music industry and become the best rapper in Tanzania, just like I am the best rapper in Nigeria and Kenya!”

Khaligraph Jones during diss track video shooting. Photo/KhaligraphJones/Instagram

Harmonize claimed that Khaligraph’s rap inspiration comes from Tanzania and he should not forget that.

Adding, “There are well established rappers in Tanzania and their game is unmatched like Professor Jay.”

He went ahead to lower Khaligraph’s rap game, saying you can’t match the big rappers in Tanzania and his level is that of Lunya and Con boy.”

Tanzanian Bongo Singer Harmonize not happy with Khaligraph Jones rap supremacy battle. Photo/Harmonize/Instagram

Tanzanian Rapper Rosa Ree came to defend her fellow rapper and dropped a diss track towards Khaligraph Jones.

She captioned,” Naskia kuna mtu anajaribu kuvuka border🙄 I’m the Best Rapper in AFRICA‼️”

The OG responded to her diss track and commented, “Good trial.”

Another Tanzanian Rapper Fido Vato clapped back and mocked him saying, “Khaligraph is a little boy.

When he started rapping, he wanted to be like u, Nako 2 Nako. He got a big body but sounds funny like his girlfriend.

Now, he made his threat real and has dropped a fire diss track that has got tongues wagging. Listen in and share your thoughts!

Wuueh, mambo itachemka!! Watanzania watawezana na this clapback? Ndio maana Khaligraph hujiita “THE OG” #RespectTheOGs

Kenyan Rapper Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones aka The OG/Photo/Khaligraph Jones/Instagram

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