Terrence responds to being compared to ‘Mathe wa Ngara’

Terrence responds to being compared to ‘Mathe wa Ngara’

‘Mathe wa Ngara’ has become a viral term in the past few weeks. This is due to its association with a female drug kingpin known as ‘Mathe’

The story reached its peak after the real ‘Mathe wa Ngara’ was arrested, this was after an entire mistake in identity.

Nancy Kigunzu alias ‘Mathe wa Ngara’ allegedly

As sad as the story is, involving, money, drugs and mistaken identity, trust Kenyans to find the satire in it.

Undeniably, Kenyans online have gone to compare ‘Mathe wa Ngara’ to the content creator, Trerrance Creative.

Terrence Creative in his different comedic roles

Netizens have started drawing comparisons between the two. The comparison has caught on and once you imagine it you cannot unsee it.

Moreover, the comparison soon got to Terrance who had thoughts to share, about what Kenyans online were thinking.

Terrence in person and in character

In a response, Terrance posted a video in a dress similar to Nancy Kigunzu allegedly ‘Mathe wa Ngara.’

Terrance Creative posses like his comparison online Nancy Kigunzu

The video was captioned “Mtu aniite Mathee wa Ngara tena tukosane” followed by laughing emojis.

‘Mathe wa Ngara’ has trended for the better part of the month. The DCI was on the spot for allegedly botching the investigation.

In brief, Kenyans went online to not just rant over how careless an official investigative body could be, but also how they tried to cover up their mistake.

Consequently, do you think Kenyan satire is too much even for a sad case as that of a mistaken identity?