Kimani Mbugua’s father believes son’s mental problem linked to spiked drink at party

Kimani Mbugua’s father believes son’s mental problem linked to spiked drink at party

The father of Kimani Mbugua, former media personality, has spoken about his son’s mental health struggles following Mbugua’s posting of distressing videos of himself, which raised concerns among netizens.

Kimani’s father admitted that prior to his son being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he had little knowledge about the condition. He had to educate himself about it in order to better understand how to support and care for him.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, he shares that he learnt about his son mental struggles in 2020, when Kimani started exhibiting unusual behaviors, which were completely out of character for him.

Additionally, Kimani’s girlfriend at the time expressed her concerns to him, noting that Kimani seemed unable to stop talking constantly when they were at home.

He recounted an incident where he received a morning call from Kimani’s girlfriend asking him to meet them at the Avenue facility.

Kimani Mbugua before he was diagnosed with bi-polar

Upon arrival he found his son restrained with ropes to prevent him from harming himself or others, as he was completely out of control.

“Seeing him like that broke my heart, it hit me like lightning, that was the day I saw darkness at midday, I couldn’t believe it” Mr Mugua said.

Following this distressing incident, he felt compelled, like any parent would, to delve deeper into the root causes of his son’s condition.

At the time of his outbreak, Kimani had recently celebrated his birthday with friends at a party.

Mr. Mbugua then revealed that he had reasons to suspect that his son’s condition may have been brought about by someone spiking his drink at the party.

“Before that my daughter told me that in his glass, there were white substances that were kept by the girls he was partying with as they cheered on him to drink.” Mbugua said.

He however revealed that the phone that had the videos got lost mysteriously and they had nothing to prove.

Mr Mbugua went to narrate that his son conditioned was not due to smoking as he has never seen him light a cigar until in 2021 when he openly smoked in front of him, and this was due to the influence of his friends.

He additionally disclosed that they paid a hospital bill of about 2Million to cater for his treatment.

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