Sakaja, Babu Owino trade barbs: “You’re addicted to bhang… stop stuffing white stuff up your nose!”


Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and Embakasai East MP Babu Owino on Saturday, September 16 night engaged in a nasty war of words over the county leadership.

Babu Owino launched a tirade against the policies of Governor Sakaja’s administration, not mincing his words in accusing him of overseeing wanton corruption at City Hall.

But in a rejoinder, Sakaja went all out in trying to clear his name, albeit online.

“If you removed the white stuff you are stuffing up your nose, you’d realize there’s a difference between bursaries and Ward based Development funds. Bursaries are 7m per ward (85 wards). (2.5 term 1, 2.5 term 2 and 2m term 3). Up from 4.5m. Every ward is getting WDF of 23 Million for Development not bursaries. Up from 17m,” Sakaja answered Babu.

‘You are addicted to alcohol, bhang’

The legislator – who has expressed his intention of vying for Nairobi Governor’s seat come 2027 – in turn accused Sakaja of being addicted to alcohol and bhang.

“You said in your previous post that you gave bursaries worth 23m shillings in every ward. You are nothing in the intellectual parlance hence should stop misusing numbers, we are not in TEAM building activities. You have stolen a lot from Nairobi county and addicted to alcohol and Bhang.”

Continuing trading barbs at each other, Sakaja implored Babu Owino to prove his allegations of theft against him.

Land grabbing under Babu Owino’s watch?

Sakaja outlined how he has set up rehabilitation facilities across the county, especially the one in Tassia Kwa Ndege, where Babu can visit and get support against cocaine addiction.

Sakaja went on and alleged that a private developer grabbed land in his constituency under his watch, which the county has since reclaimed.

“The land in TASSIA Belongs to Mr. Abdullahi, he bought it from NSSF and has a Title for it. You have an interest in the land which you want to grab from him for refusing to bribe you,” Babu replied.

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