EDITORIAL: We cannot ignore claims of undue influence on parliamentary committees

EDITORIAL: We cannot ignore claims of undue influence on parliamentary committees

The recent allegations of undue influence on parliamentary committees (National Assembly), particularly concerning the exoneration of CS Mithika Linturi in the fake fertilizer scandal, strike at the very heart of democratic governance and accountability.

These claims, if proven true, represent a serious breach of trust between elected officials and the citizens they represent.

The National Assembly, as a key pillar of our democracy, must be beyond reproach. It is meant to serve as a forum for robust debate, thoughtful deliberation, and impartial decision-making on matters of national importance. Any perception of impropriety within its walls undermines the very essence of its existence.

Allegations of bribery or coercion in the select committee tasked with investigating the motion to impeach a government official are not to be taken lightly. They raise significant concerns about the independence and integrity of parliamentary proceedings.

National Assembly in session. Photo: Parliament of Kenya
National Assembly in session on 5th July, 2023. Photo: Parliament of Kenya

If members of such committees are susceptible to external pressures or undue influence, it calls into question the legitimacy of their findings and decisions.

Furthermore, these allegations come at a time when the National Assembly has already faced criticism for being too closely aligned with the Executive branch of government. In light of these serious allegations, it is imperative that a thorough and impartial investigation be conducted.

The member who made the accusations should be urged to provide evidence to support their claims, and the Speaker of the House must ensure that such an investigation is carried out promptly and transparently.

Ultimately, the integrity of the National Assembly and the trust of the people it serves are at stake. It is incumbent upon the parliamentary leadership to take decisive action to address these concerns. Failure to do so risks further undermining public confidence in our democratic institutions and the rule of law.

Copy by Fred Indimuli- host Morning Cafe show

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