Willis Raburu: When I left Citizen, my plan was not to join TV47


Wabebe XP show presenter Willis Raburu has revealed the truth behind his decision to join Cape Media Ltd-owned TV47.

Raburu indicated his original plan, when he quit Royal Media Services where he had worked for over a decade, was to stay away from television, spend time with family, and complete his master’s degree.

Raburu was Speaking during an interview on Dr. Ofweneke show which airs every Wednesday from 8PM.

The lively hype master revealed not have a concrete plan for his next job after leaving TV.

“mimi vile nilitoka nilitoka (when I left, I just left), it had been 13 years I needed a break, I said I needed to chill, I needed to spend time with my family.”

He further went on to say that he has always craved autonomy in his work and when TV47’s offer came knocking he took it.

“What is happening at Cape Media is amazing, because the growth the creativity the ability to be who you are that’s what attracted me.”

The renowned hype master hosted a youth-favorite Friday night show “10 over 10,” gaining fame among content creators and media.

He admitted that some of his experiences meeting fans have not always been seamless.

Shortly after joining TV47, Raburu candidly recounted fan encounters in an interview on the Morning Café breakfast show.

“Whenever people see me out there whether it’s at a supermarket, petrol station, or anywhere else they expect the hyper Willis they see on TV which is not always how I will behave.

“Hakuna mtu amewahi nisalimia in a low voice ati ‘Willis uko aje?’ It’s always in a very loud voice ‘Hee Bazuu, hee Willis.

Then Mimi najibu in a low tone ‘Niko sawa’ because it’s been a long day.

They are left wondering whether I am okay.”

Raburu joined TV47 On August 22 with his inaugural show alongside MC Gogo aired on August 26.

Willis confirmed his collaboration with TV47 for WabebeXP, an exclusive Friday entertainment show at 10 PM, via his social media.

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