“Bread has not been touched!” Itumbi defends proposed Finance Bill 2024

“Bread has not been touched!” Itumbi defends proposed Finance Bill 2024

Digital media strategist Dennis Itumbi has defended government, saying bread will not be taxed in the upcoming Finance Bill 2024 as reported.

Taking to social media, Itumbi noted that there would not be increased taxes on basic food commodities in Kenya.

“There is no tax on bread, milk, and UNGA…so it’s not true that the price of bread was raised by 16%. Wacheni uwongo na Fake News. (Stop the lies and fake news),” he added.

Hours later, he slammed Azimio Member of Parliament Sam Atandi who claimed State House advisors would benefit from taxes accrued on basic food commodities.

“An elected MP relying in FAKE NEWS to do commentary on the Finance Bill, and you have access to the Bill. I have sent you a copy on WhatsApp. Read it yourself then comment. Relying on lies is an insult to your legislative role!” Itumbi added.

This comes amid a fierce debate on the proposed taxes on food commodities, vehicles among other items used by Kenyans in the proposed Finance Bill 2024.

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah who filed a petition against the Finance Bill 2023, also spoke on the upcoming Bill.

“It’s that time of the year again~ The Finance Bill 2024 is here. Article 118(1)(b) of the Constitution requires Parliament to facilitate public participation and involvement in legislative and other business of the Assembly and its committees,” he began.

He urged Kenyans to read through the Bill and raise their concerns through their members of Parliament before the Bill is tabled before the House.

“Public awareness is great, a step in creating any type of change. I encourage everyone to take keen interest and look at the proposals and reach out to your elected representatives while also proposing ideas.

“Challenge those in charge to not only see and acknowledge the problem, but to also make legitimate changes that will address the issues.”

Failure to do so, Omtatah said Kenyans would be left to bear the brunt of the proposed taxes yet they have a chance to seek actions that could change the country’s course.

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