Georgina Njenga opens up on breakup with Baha

Georgina Njenga opens up on breakup with Baha

Social media influencer Georgina Njenga has finally opened up on her breakup with baby daddy Tyler Mbaya.

In a local interview, 21-year-old Njenga said their breakup was mutual. “There was not like a specific reason why we broke up. We were just like this thing is not working out so let’s just break up,” she explained.

When pressed to provide intimate details that could have led to their separation, the influencer remained subtle in her response, “There were just things piling up which I cannot talk about here.”

The mother of one went on to say that before arriving at the ‘big’ decision, they involved the family in efforts to resolve their issues but to no avail.

Baha’s betting addiction exposed

Actor Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, was recently exposed by U.S-based social media influencer Nurse Judy for his betting habit.

Baha at Johnika Foundation where he is undergoing rehabilitation from his gambling addiction. PHOTO/COURTESY

Judy claimed Baha borrowed him money on several occasions despite not having met him before. The actor would later admit he was battling a gambling addiction and even went to the extent of borrowing to feed his addiction.

“The finances were not necessarily for bills because my shawty (girlfriend) was helping out, so majority of it was now the elevation of getting from one place to the other – because of the pressure of society’s expectations. If it was basic needs, that was all sorted out. It was the luxuries in life that I was lacking and I was under pressure to search for them,” Baha said.

Njenga clarified that she did not end the relationship after Baha was exposed. “We had broken up before that incident and people did not know that, but we didn’t want to announce our separation.”

Baha and Georgina’s Co-parenting Journey

Tyler Mbaya and Georgina Njenga welcome their child on May 8, 2022. PHOTO/COURTESY

She maintained that despite everyone going their separate ways, they will co-parent smoothly seeing as they do not drag their baby girl Astra Nyambura into their issues.

“Kwa nini sasa tuvutanie mtoto. We are both adults and we know the responsibilities we have towards our child. Tyler will always be Astra’s father and I will always be her mother.”

Njenga dismissed rumours of getting back into the dating scene weeks after the breakup. “I cannot say the mystery man is my boyfriend. We are just friends.”

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