Kenyans tell off Jalang’o for mocking Zambia’s infrastructure

Kenyans tell off Jalang’o for mocking Zambia’s infrastructure

Lang’ata Member of Parliament Felix Jalang’o Odiwuor has faced widespread criticism after posting a photo of himself standing beside a lion sculpture in Zambia, accompanied by a caption that appeared to mock the country’s infrastructure.

“Traveling out of Kenya will make you appreciate Kenya more…. We might not be where we want to be but we are really ahead in the region. Zambia…Maina let me tell you!” he wrote.

Jalang’os remarks sparked a heated debate on social media, with many Kenyans calling out the MP for his lack of diplomacy and cultural sensitivity.

“Are these clowns not taught diplomacy? Tweeting this while still in the host country as a government official is wild! This was not for a public civil servant to post to Twitter but probably for the group chat. Hire me for social media literacy!” lamented one user.

Some users shared photos of dilapidated roads in Lang’ata, pointing out the hypocrisy in Jalang’o’s comments.

Others criticized Jalang’o for his ignorance about Zambia’s actual conditions, highlighting the country’s clean cities, efficient public transport, and higher wages.

Dr. Wandia Njoya, an educationist and activist, expressed her dismay at Jalang’o’s disrespect towards a fellow African country, saying that such behavior was a reflection of the Kenyan government’s own treatment of its citizens.

She also referenced a passage from a late author’s opinion piece, highlighting the tendency of Kenyans to look down on other African countries.

She said: “No please. Don’t do this to fellow Africans. So what, wewe ni mzungu mweusi au nini? Umeenda Kibra, ama Mathare?”

The backlash against Jalang’o’s comments has been intense, with many calling for him to apologize and learn from his mistake.

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