Nanny Rosie returns home: the heartfelt story behind her decision

Nanny Rosie returns home: the heartfelt story behind her decision

Rosie, the Kenyan nanny who captured hearts after working for a Lebanese couple, has finally opened up about her decision to return home.

Contrary to rumours that her employers sent her back, Rosie revealed she chose to come home for personal and family reasons.

When Rosie first returned to Kenya, she made headlines at the airport. Despite the attention, she had to go back to Lebanon as her employers had paid for a round-trip ticket.

However, during a conversation with Oga Obinna on July 8, Rosie shared that she had been considering quitting her job even before telling her employers.

Rosie in Lebanon

“I only worked for six months. I came back in June. When I went back, I knew I wouldn’t complete the two years. But I hadn’t told my bosses because I knew it would break their hearts,” Rosie revealed.

Rosie’s return to Lebanon was fraught with challenges.

Her children, whom she left in Kenya, struggled with feelings of jealousy and abandonment due to the close bond she had formed with her employers’ children.

“My daughter is turning 14. This is an age where a child needs their parents. She used to call me crying, saying she wanted me home.

My boys also felt abandoned. It was hard to focus on work when I knew my kids felt neglected,” Rosie explained.

Rosie had to make a tough choice between staying for the money or being there for her children.

“They saw it as if I had another family somewhere.

The love was fading. I didn’t have peace, crying all the time, seeing my kids crying all the time and having to choose between my kids or the money,” she shared.

Rosie finally decided to return home permanently. She broke the news to her employers, who were concerned they had done something wrong.

“No, they didn’t do anything wrong.

As much as I needed the money as a single parent, it was the most difficult thing to deal with. I wanted to be with my kids as they became teenagers and learned how things work,” she explained.

Rosie tearfully recounted her upbringing without anyone to talk to during her teenage years, which led to her getting pregnant at 14.

“Growing up without anybody to talk to affected me. I got pregnant at 14.

Those memories haunted me. While I was there, I feared my daughter might be misled in my absence.”

Traumatic childhood

Her children were already traumatized by her failed marriage and hadn’t fully recovered from it either.

“You want money, but the kids are suffering mentally.

They are growing up and will never be young again. I had to come back, whatever the cost. It wasn’t about the money; I needed peace. It was draining me,” she said.

Rosie remained kind and loving towards her employers’ children until the last moment.

“I smiled until the last moment. I never treated their children badly until I came back home. Nobody understands what I go through because I am caught in between.

Both sets of children love me as their mother. Dividing this love is hard because they don’t understand and are never satisfied,” she said.

She expressed the difficulty of her situation.

“Before you wear the shoes, you won’t know where it pinches. In the end, my kids are my family. The others have their parents. My children only have me.”

Currently, Rosie is jobless but plans to start a project in Kenya.

Nanny Rosie is currently jobless

“I’ll maybe find a project here, and whatever little I get, I will share with my children. I feel happy that I am near my children.”

Nanny Rosie also refuted claims that she was pregnant and that this was the reason her employers sent her away.

“I wasn’t arrogant, and I wasn’t pregnant as people were saying. I am not seeing anyone at the moment.”

Rosie now dreams of starting a home where women who go abroad for job opportunities can leave their children if they don’t have any trusted family members or friends to look after them.

Her experiences have driven her to create a support system for other women in similar situations.

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