Nigerian man leaves country after discovering his company paid foreigners more

Nigerian man leaves country after discovering his company paid foreigners more

A Nigerian man, Abisoye Falabi, has decided to pack his bags and leave to abroad sighting his disappointment with the pay disparity.

This heart-breaking decision was made after he discovered that two of the foreigners he interviewed were offered N187.7Milllion, which the company approved to his shock.

Abisoye Falabi, Nigerian man who packed his bags and left Nigeria for greener pastures. Photo/Courtesy

He noted that what he was earning was not up to 0.5% of what the newcomer would earn, yet he was the one on ground tirelessly executing the demanding tasks required of him.

He added that he was not aware his earning potential was capped in Nigeria until he was asked to interview and hire two foreigners for the firm.

The staggering amount of $250,000 (N187.7 Million) that the two foreigners demanded was a very sharp contrast to his peanut salary which shook him to the core and left him disheartened.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), he aired his frustration and anger tweeting, “When I realized my earning potential was capped in Nigeria. A few years back, my employer then asked me to interview & hire two foreign-based potential hires to join my team. The least of the two asked for $250k base.

Twitter users were quick to respond to his Tweet saying:

@demuredupe said: “Minumum wage is always a factor in different countries. Our earning potential will always be capped because of our minimum wage.”

@muhabdulkadir_ commented: “Not exactly the same but somewhat similar. I interviewed for a Full-time SWE role and was offered about €65k base because I was based in a location considered “cheaper to live in” and I knew someone doing the exact same function earning $125k base. I was pained that day!”

@ayenione said,”But when we look at the headline figures ie. 65k vs 125k in this case, we should also consider the cost of living in the different locations.

@IamPresh90,”That’s why people will move elsewhere to increase their earning base.”