Musician Nikita Kering attacked by a cow while milking it

Musician Nikita Kering attacked by a cow while milking it

Kenyan songwriter and performer Nikita Kering is currently nursing a leg injury after an attack by a cow in while milking it.

The accident unfolded when preparing a meal for the family at her rural home during the Easter holiday.

Nikita took to her Instagram page and posted a video of her preparing Kenya’s staple food ugali and the famous Kalenjin cultural drink ‘Mursik’ before she proceeded to milk a cow.

The milking process began smoothly before the cow, which had both legs tied up using a rope, threw kicks at Nikita who sat on a low-lying stool.

In the process, the cow injured her leg as she stood abruptly in frantic efforts to escape the shed.

The award-winning artist is currently recuperating after she was rushed following the minor accident. She shared another video showing a bandage tied around her right leg from the knee to her ankle.

Sautisol’s Bien and Jacky Vike are among those who commented on Nikita’s content video.

Jacky Vike said: “Niruhusu nikuchekelee hapo kwa ng’ombe” loosely translated to “allow me to laugh at the cow part”.

However, Bien praised her for her courage. “Real baddie,” he wrote.

Nikita Kering’s latest music

The sensational songbird Nikita Kering recently dropped two singles after a musical break of almost 1 year.

Her comeback hit featuring Kemene ‘Let You Down’ has been pulling huge numbers on social media.

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