Strathmore, Standard Chartered announce Cohort 7 of Women in Tech Program

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Strathmore, Standard Chartered announce Cohort 7 of Women in Tech Program

Strathmore University’s iBizAfrica incubator, in partnership with Standard Chartered Kenya, has announced the selection of 15 women-led start-ups for the prestigious Women in Tech Cohort 7 Program.

This initiative aims to empower female entrepreneurs by providing 12 weeks of intensive business incubation training, culminating in funding opportunities for the top seven participants, each receiving USD 10,000 (KSh1.285 million).

Out of 200 applicants, 15 start-ups were selected for their technological innovations, commitment to ESG principles, and potential for socio-economic impact.

The rigorous selection process evaluated the start-ups based on their execution capacity, problem-solving potential, and balanced team skill sets, including business development, product development, and marketing.

Dr. Joseph Sevilla, Director of @iBizAfrica-Strathmore University, remarked on the significance of the programme and the potential of the selected start-ups saying they represent the future of women-led, tech-driven enterprises in Kenya, poised to make a significant impact on society and the economy.

Highlighting the program’s success over the past seven years, Dr. Sevilla proudly referenced Benacare, a standout from Cohort 3, which has positively impacted over 9,800 healthcare workers nationwide.

“These start-ups exemplify the innovative spirit and resilience of women entrepreneurs in Kenya. We are committed to providing them with the resources and mentorship they need to scale their businesses and create sustainable impact,” asserted Dr. Sevilla

Ms. Joyce Kibe, Standard Chartered’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Brand and Marketing East Africa, echoed Dr. Sevilla’s sentiments. She encouraged the entrepreneurs to leverage technology for positive change, emphasizing the importance of sustainability:

“The three most valuable companies globally are in tech. As women in this field, you have the power to revolutionize Kenya. Embed sustainability into everything you do, creating a positive impact for generations to come,” said Ms. Kibe.

Standard Chartered’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Brand and Marketing East Africa, Ms. Joyce Kibe, encouraged the women entrepreneurs to leverage technology in creating impactful, sustainable businesses that adhere to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices.

“The three most valuable companies in the world are in tech and as women in this field you have an opportunity to change the game in Kenya. Let everything you do be embedded in sustainability to impact lives in society and future generations,” said Ms. Kibe.

The 15 selected start-ups represent a diverse range of industries, all with the potential to transform Kenya’s landscape:

Girah Heritage Ltd.: Sustainable tourism promoting unique cultural experiences.

MOMA Renewable Energy: Producing clean ethanol-based cooking fuel from food waste.

Voda Water: A social enterprise improving global health access.

Zidallie: Simplifying student transportation with comprehensive solutions.

Investa Farm: Revolutionizing agricultural financing through blockchain and AI.

Gwiji for Women: Empowering underprivileged women through tech-enabled cleaning services.

Meira Education Solutions: EdTech provider offering school search tools and learning aids for institutions.

Zaoshinani: Fintech driving financial inclusion and agricultural transformation.

Kavalian Limited: Pioneering clean-tech solutions for waste management.

Smart Reja: Data-driven platform optimizing retail inventory management.

AerialGIS: Web application combining mapping and VR technology for property seekers.

PsychCare Clinic: Delivering accessible, regulated mental healthcare services.

Jido: On-demand delivery app optimizing routes for efficiency.

Africa Stem Girl: Equipping young minds with essential coding skills.

Hayah Cradle to Bloom: Data-driven platform optimizing retail inventory management.

Since its inception, the Women in Tech Incubator Programme has attracted over 2,250 applications and trained 64 women-led startups. The programme has provided mentorship, business advisory, coaching, networking opportunities, access to seed capital, and investor forums, helping these businesses achieve international standards.

Over the last six cohorts, 32 women-led enterprises have received over KES 1.2 million (USD 10,000) in seed funding each.

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