Kenya School of Law President reveals his shocking abduction, torture experience

Kenya School of Law President reveals his shocking abduction, torture experience

In a profoundly moving disclosure, Joshua Okayo, President of the Kenya School of Law (KSL), has recounted the horrifying ordeal of his recent abduction and torture.

Okayo, known for his outspoken stance against the Finance Bill 2024, revealed that he was forcefully taken, blindfolded, and subjected to intense interrogation by his captors.

Following the harrowing ordeal, he was left abandoned near the Maragua River in Murang’a County.

Okayo’s harrowing experience started on Wednesday, June 26, when he was forcefully taken from his apartment in Olerai, Rongai.

Blindfolded and forced into a vehicle, he endured a journey without direction, enduring persistent interrogation about the ongoing nationwide demonstrations.

“They demanded to know the reasons behind the protests, who was funding them, and why KSL students were prominently involved,” Okayo recounted.

For half an hour that seemed endless, his captors maintained an eerie silence, interrupted only by their probing questions about the protests.

After what seemed like an endless ordeal, Okayo was transferred to another vehicle where his torment continued.

He was forced into the truck and driven around for hours before being dumped into a dark room, still blindfolded and deprived of food and water.

“They punched and kicked me, focusing on my chest, legs, and ankles. They strangled me and demanded information I couldn’t give,” Okayo revealed.

Despite the brutal beating and strangulation, Okayo remained steadfast, refusing to disclose the details his captors were after.

His nightmare reached its peak on the morning of Friday, June 28, when his abductors threw him out of a moving vehicle near Maragua River.

“I rolled several times on the ground, too weak to move,” he recalled. Eventually, locals found him and provided first aid, helping him reach out to his family.

Okayo’s ordeal began earlier, on Tuesday, June 25, when he joined friends in protests that saw young people storming Parliament Buildings in Nairobi.

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