Kamiti Prison warden arrested while protesting outside Parliament in Nairobi

Kamiti Prison warden arrested while protesting outside Parliament in Nairobi

On Tuesday July 9, 2024, a Kamiti prison warden known as Cop Shakur on social media was arrested during a protest outside the Parliament Building in Nairobi.

Videos circulating online depicted him clad in a blood-stained white coat, holding up a placard.

His protest was aimed at demanding justice for individuals who lost their lives in recent demonstrations against the Finance Bill.

“We want justice, not your condolences,” read part of the placard.

Amid heavy rain, the warden from Kamiti Medium Prison arrived at the Senate gate accompanied by a group of supporters.

Security presence on Parliament Road had intensified since protesters breached it on June 25th.

Initially, the protester confronted security officials at the gate, attempting to enter the premises and obstructing traffic.

After a brief struggle, additional police officers arrived, apprehended him, and escorted him to the Parliament police cells.
During the altercation, the officers tore his coat while forcibly removing him, citing the illegality of his protest. Initially resistant, he eventually complied, and they escorted him to the station.

It was at the police station that he revealed his identity as Jackson Kuria Kihara, also known as Shakur, a prison warden assigned to Kamiti Medium Prison.

Police have announced an investigation into the incident involving the protester, with plans to gather more information about him from prison authorities. He was later transferred to Central Police Station in preparation for his scheduled court appearance.

Authorities reported ongoing protests stemming from opposition to the Finance Bill 2024, which included grievances over fatalities, arrests, and injuries.

Over 42 people lost their lives, and numerous others were detained, while more than 400 sustained injuries and are receiving treatment across various medical facilities.

Government agencies are conducting inquiries into several issues arising from the protests, including allegations of fatal shootings, looting, arson, and robberies.

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