Lady says she asks men bank account balance on first date ‘Only date rich men’

Lady says she asks men bank account balance on first date ‘Only date rich men’

Sofia Franklyn, hailing from New York, has stirred up quite a debate among TikTok users with her recent remarks.

The influencer, Sofia Franklyn, aged 30 and known as @sofiafranklyn, has left the online community split after confessing that she’s been asking men for their bank account information on their very first date.

“I’ve asked the last three guys I’ve dated for their bank account info on the first date.”

She didn’t hold back, stating:

I ask men to show me their bank balance on the first date because I only want to go out with wealthy guys – I need to know if I’m wasting my time

My life, my terms

Sofia, a content creator, justified her unconventional approach by saying she only wants to date someone who’s financially well-off and doesn’t want to waste her time.

She even shared a screenshot of one man’s bank account balance, confirming that she was indeed asking for login details.

She admitted that if they didn’t show her right away, she would still go on second or third dates but needed to know eventually.

She argued that it’s not as crazy as some people think, given that she’s 30 and not just looking to casually date around.

Mixed reactions

TikTok viewers who caught a snippet of the clip had mixed reactions. Some urged Sofia to seek deeper connections and happiness, while others supported her perspective.

Some criticized her approach, saying that those with money usually don’t flaunt it or try to be on the same level as someone else.

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