NCIC commissioner: Wambui Nyutu narrates how President Ruto helped land big job


Growing up in a bustling household of six siblings, Wambui Nyutu, now the Vice Chair of NCIC, reminisces about the days when they had little more than life’s essentials.

Speaking on TV47’s breakfast show host Flora Limuki, the youngest NCIC commissioner narrated her journey to the top.

Wambui Nyutu is the youngest NCIC commissioner

Wambui’s childhood

Wambui’s father was a businessman, while her mother, was a teacher turned headmistress.

She said her parents played a vital role in their upbringing.

Their parents recognized the value of education, investing heavily in their futures – an investment that would later bear fruit.

“My parents bought their first television set after I finished Form Four. To date, I don’t watch TV even in my own house,”-

It was her father who first sparked the idea that she could become a formidable lawyer.

This was after he witnessed how she argued with one of her siblings and stated why she believed she was right.

“My father was the one who first told me I could make a good lawyer. I was in Class 4 then. From there I started calling myself Lawyer Wambui Nyutu and it came to pass,”

Wambui believes young people should stand up and fight for what they believe

When it rains, it pours

Throughout university, Wambui’s spirit of adventure led her to try her hand at various pursuits.

From her initial misadventure of importing goods from China that ended in failure to her triumph of reigniting her business with goods from Uganda.

She ventured into student leadership, facing failures that ultimately led her to create “Warembo and UhuRuto.”

This initiative aimed to empower women in national politics, a dream she had held close.

The organization’s success drew the attention of influential figures, leading her to spearhead campaigns and youth engagement across counties.

The organization caught like wildfire and soon enough I got a call from the bigwigs asking if I could head their campaigns and rally the youth to vote in different parts of the country, a job I did very well and was promised a senatorial seat.

Landing NCIC

Having failed many times, she was prepared for the best and the worst.

As fate would have it she didn’t land the senatorial seat but Wambui was undeterred.

It was during that challenging period that Deputy President Ruto reached out, recognizing her dedication.

Nominations to two boards followed, and she chose the National Irrigation Board.

This role ignited her confidence, inspiring her to reach for the sky.

The NCIC commissioner role appeared on her horizon, and despite doubt and challenging interviews, Wambui stood tall, unwavering in her pursuit.

She dared to fly higher, closer to the sun and cliched the seat.

Wambui encouraged the youth to dream boldly and pursue aspirations with tenacity.

Her journey from humble beginnings to the upper echelons of power illustrates setbacks are mere stepping stones, and age should never hinder the pursuit of goals.

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