England Women’s team demand talks over bonuses

England Women’s team demand talks over bonuses

The England Women’s team is demanding to hold a meeting with the FA leadership to address their ongoing concerns regarding salaries and Bonuses.

They aim to have this discussion prior to the squad’s upcoming meeting for the Nations League matches in just one week.

Just before the team departed for the tournament.

A dispute emerged among the players, with their collective sentiment being one of “disappointment”.

The FA had promised to pay the squad as they advanced through the competition, however failed to do so.

Nevertheless, the players released a statement declaring their intention to set aside their disagreements for the duration of the tournament.

The players insist that they should receive their rewards directly from the FA’s funds, rather than solely relying on the FIFA bonus payments.


Cause of row

FIFA modified the World Cup regulations in an attempt to ensure that all players participating in the tournament, regardless of their nationalities, receive the same compensation as their counterparts who reach the same stage of the competition.

This new approach involves predetermined bonuses for each tournament round, with all players entitled to £24,000 if they are eliminated during the group stages and £213,000 if they manage to clinch the World Cup.


Historically, individual national associations disbursed prize money directly, allowing each nation to determine the players’ compensation from the prize pool at their discretion. This practice has now changed.

The players, however, expressed their dissatisfaction with the FA’s decision not to provide additional bonuses from its own resources, opting instead to rely solely on FIFA to cover these expenses.


There is no indication that the players are considering going on strike or seeking to reduce their media and commercial responsibilities while representing the FA.

Nevertheless, extreme measures have been a topic of discussion in the recent past.

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