Uganda police prevent deadly bomb attack on church

Uganda police prevent deadly bomb attack on  church

Uganda police on Sunday, September 3 foiled a bomb attack on a church in the capital, Kampala.

Police reports indicate that hundreds of congregants at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral were worshipping when a man carrying explosives tried to access the premise.

Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango says that fortunately, officers were trailing the said man after getting a tip off about the possible attack.

The man, who is now in police custody, was trying to access the church premises and detonate an improvised bomb at the Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral.

At the gate of the church, the man was stopped and searched before a bomb was discovered inside his backpack.

“We have carried out a controlled detonation of the improvised explosive device which was made of nails, a motorcycle battery, a charger and a telephone handset which was to be used in the attack,” Onyango told reporters outside the cathedral.

The man that has since been identified as 28-year-old Ibrahim Kintu has reportedly told police that he has three other accomplices.

The suspect, 28-year-old Ibrahim Kintu, has told police that he has three other accomplices. Police are in hot pursuit of the three terror suspects.

‘The lord saved us!’

Renowned pastor Robert Kayanja attributed the close shave to God.

“The terrorist was a few yards to the entrance of the church, but the security put up resistance and (he) was arrested before he can enter the church and detonate the bomb,” said Kayanja, a strong ally of President Yoweri Museveni.

After the service resumed a few hours later, the pastor told worshippers: “Go out to the world and tell them we have just survived a bomb, but Jesus loves us!”

Deadly attacks

In June 2023, militants from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group crossed the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo and massacred 42 people, including 37 students, in a gruesome school attack.

It was Uganda’s worst attack since the 2010 twin bombings in Kampala that killed 76 people. Somali-based Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility of the attack.