Karen Nyamu honours Baby Daddies Samidoh and Saint Kevin

Karen Nyamu honours Baby Daddies Samidoh and Saint Kevin

Karen Nyamu, the nominated senator, showered her father and her two baby daddies, Samidoh and DJ Saint Kevin, with love and gratitude on Father’s Day.

She celebrated their roles as present and caring fathers, acknowledging them for their dedication and love towards their children.

Describing her father, Mr. Nyamu, as the epitome of a great dad, Karen expressed her deep admiration and appreciation.

“I am a product of good fathering. Those who know Mr. Nyamu agree he’s the best dad in the world!

Until today, he is present every day, he still brings fruits and veggies lol. I consult him on every venture, every investment na hadi anawekelea. Happy Father’s Day dad.

Hakuna kama wewe,” she praised warmly.

Turning her attention to her children’s fathers, Karen extended heartfelt Father’s Day wishes to DJ Saint Kevin and Mr. Muchoki (Samidoh).

“Happy Father’s day to Saint Kevinsky and Mr. Muchoki. You guys gave me the best gifts ever! I could have even paid but mlinipea bure tu.

Thanks for loving my babies and for being father figures. Just your presence alone brings so much peace to motherhood. Mbarikiwe hadi mshangae ❤️❤️”

Karen Nyamu’s words reflected not just appreciation, but a deep sense of family unity and respect for the father figures in her life.

Her heartfelt message resonated with many, celebrating the important role fathers play in shaping their children’s lives with love and guidance.

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