Lady busted in India with cocaine worth millions in her private parts

Lady busted in India with cocaine worth millions in her private parts

A woman of Kenyan descent, identified as Ageng’ O Caroline Agola, found herself in the custody of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) at Bengaluru airport on a Monday morning.

The Kenyan alleged crime was attempting to smuggle a staggering 1.02 kg of high-grade cocaine.

Kenyan lady was found with drugs

Cocaine inside private parts

She cleverly concealed the contraband within capsules secreted away in her private parts and undergarments, making it a rather audacious smuggling attempt.

Instinctively, authorities swiftly invoked the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

Consequently, Agola now faces serious charges from the Narcotics Control Bureau.

Agola had arrived at the Kempegowda International Airport on an Ethiopian Airlines flight (ET 690) originating from Addis Ababa. It was around 11:09 a.m. when she stepped off the plane, unaware of the impending trouble.

The cocaine

Authorities thorough search

The alertness of CISF officer Laxmi Meena proved instrumental in apprehending Agola.

During the routine frisking procedure, Meena grew suspicious.

Authorities conducted a more thorough search, leading her to discover many concealed capsules within Agola’s undergarments.

She ingeniously hid the contraband by secreting it within capsules tucked away in her private parts and undergarments, constituting a daring smuggling endeavour.

Medical staff there made a startling discovery: more capsules concealed within her private parts.

Agola’s confession

As the situation intensified Agola confessed to having swallowed a few capsules.

Consequently, she was rushed to Victoria Hospital, where an ultrasound scan of her abdomen was performed to verify her statement.

The exact number of capsules recovered has not been disclosed, but what is evident is the exceptionally high quality of the seized cocaine.

Furthermore, estimates peg its market value at nearly Rs 12 crore.

Agola nabbed

There in, the seized substance is now in the hands of the Narcotics Control Bureau as the investigation unfolds.

Authorities are meticulously interrogating Agola to ascertain whether she acted alone or was part of a larger drug cartel.

The audacious smuggling attempt left many questions unanswered.

It highlighted the vigilance required to combat the illicit drug trade.

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