Michelle Obama advised her daughters to avoid politics

Michelle Obama advised her daughters to avoid politics

During a lively campaign stop for Joe Biden, Barack Obama shared a heartfelt revelation: he and Michelle had decided that the Obama political legacy would end with them.

The crowd listened intently as he spoke, showing his usual blend of charisma and sincerity.

Later, on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the popular TV host posed a playful question to the 44th president.

He asked which of Obama’s two daughters would make a better political leader.

Obama smiled and responded, “That’s not a question I need to answer because Michelle drilled into them early that it would be crazy to get into politics. It will never happen.”

The Obamas, as the first black family in the White House, had left an indelible mark despite the racial bias that still exists in the US.

Their journey inspired countless people around the world, but after everything they endured, they wanted a different path for their daughters.

Sasha Obama’s Birthday Party on June 10th, 2022 at Sixty LES in New York, New York. Photo by Mike Lawrence for the Obama family.

Today, Sasha and Malia Obama are carving their own unique paths in Hollywood. Malia, the eldest, is making a name for herself as a writer, going by Malia-Ann.

Most recently, the oldest Obama daughter screened a short film she wrote and directed at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Per Malia, her film, called The Heart, in which she’s credited as Malia Ann.

She also previously worked as a staff writer on the recent Amazon Prime thriller series Swarm.

Younger sister Sasha, meanwhile, graduated from the University of Southern California with an undergraduate degree in sociology in May 2023.

The Obama legacy, marked by resilience and inspiration, lives in new and exciting ways, far from the political arena.

Barack Obama broke barriers and inspired change while he was president and continues to do so with his influence.

The couple believes that their daughters are destined for greatness outside the political spotlight.

They have chosen a different stage to shine.

Carving their own unique paths and carrying forward the family’s legacy in their own way.

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