Newly-refurbished Mbagathi Hospital unveiled: Expanding services with new state-of-the-art facilities

Newly-refurbished Mbagathi Hospital unveiled: Expanding services with new state-of-the-art facilities

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has today unveiled the newly refurbished Mbagathi Hospital, ready to serve city dwellers with enhanced medical services.

During a media tour, Governor Sakaja highlighted the significant transformation the hospital has undergone in recent months, including the addition of advanced medical equipment and facilities.

Among the new equipment is a biochemistry analyzer, also known as a clinical chemistry analyzer. This device measures various chemicals and characteristics in biological samples, such as blood and urine, boosting the hospital’s diagnostic capabilities within the 47 counties.

“Recently, the facility has undergone significant upgrades, enhancing its capacity to provide comprehensive medical care,” Sakaja reiterated.

Health CEC Susan Silantoi confirmed that the hospital has also acquired a platelet agitator, essential for storing and maintaining platelets, which are critical for blood clotting.

Proper storage ensures the viability and effectiveness of platelets for transfusion.

“This means that we shall not be sourcing these services from other national hospitals; we can get this in this county facility,” Silantoi stated, emphasizing the importance of local availability.

The Governor, accompanied by the facility’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Alexander Irungu, launched several new facilities. These include a CT scan unit, a Critical Care Unit (CCU), a dental unit, a complete oxygen piping system, a maternity theatre, a refurbished renal unit, a neuro-trauma unit, Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services, and a postnatal ward.

“These improvements are part of an ongoing effort to elevate the hospital’s service standards and address the increasing healthcare demands of the city’s population,” Dr. Irungu confirmed.

The recent upgrades at Mbagathi Hospital underscore the institution’s commitment to improving healthcare services for Nairobi’s residents, reflecting a significant milestone in the city’s healthcare provision.

Mbagathi Hospital milestones

This is one of the many milestones the Mbagathi Hospital has undergone in recent months. In December 2023 the first Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) & Neonatal High Dependency Unit (NHDU) for neonatal cardiopulmonary support was opened.

NICU and NHDU included a 20-bed Newborn Unit (NBU) for pre-term and sick newborns. Data shows that so far, over 200 children have been treated in this facility saving lives.

Following the upgrade of the theatre and purchase of new equipment, the hospital has been able to do complicated surgeries. Some of these include;

  • In December, the surgical team, led by Dr Athumani, carried out the first Cementless Total Hip Replacement Surgery on a 22-year-old lady, at the modernised theatre. This is the first of its kind in any Nairobi County Hospital.
  • Three weeks ago, the hospital operated on a 54-year-old woman who had sustained a right neck of femur fracture following a fall in January. Due to the complexity of her case, she chose Mbagathi Hospital as her primary care centre, under Dr. Masini Aaron (orthopaedic surgeon), who welcomed Dr. Mogire, a renowned senior orthopaedic surgeon, to assist with a complex case.

The hospital has neem upgraded through the support of various partners including;

  • The Global Fund, through AMREF, enabled it have oxygen piping at a cost of Ksh 8Million.
  • Safaricom Foundation have donated heavy duty electric delivery beds, worth Ksh 1Million, for the maternity ward.
  • Maternal and Child Health/Family Planning expansion through support by UNFP.
  • Painting of the hospital by Duracoat – Ksh800,000
  • Donation of NBU equipment by Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation worth KSh 5M

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