Zuchu expresses desire to start family with Diamond Platnumz

Zuchu expresses desire to start family with Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian singer Zuchu recently shared her heartfelt dreams of having children with her boyfriend, renowned musician Diamond Platnumz.

Her revelation came in a touching Father’s Day message on social media, where she praised Diamond for being a wonderful father.

“Happy Father’s Day to my best friend. Wallahi, you are the best daddy. Seeing you with your kids makes me want one with you myself,” Zuchu wrote.

However, she also mentioned that the only barrier is that Diamond has not yet made their relationship official. “Ila ndo ivo hujatia ubani sekhee,” she added.

Diamond Platnumz, the CEO of Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB), is already a father of four.

He shares two children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan, with South African-based entrepreneur Zari Hassan.

Additionally, he has a son, Naseeb Jnr, with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna, and another son, Dylan Abdul, with Tanzanian model and businesswoman Hamisa Mobetto.

In April, during a performance at the Wasafi Festival in Tanzania, Diamond publicly asked Zuchu to have children with him.

While they were singing “Mtasubiri Sana” together on stage, Diamond posed the question, “Unanipenda me… unaniamini… na utanizalia?” which translates to “Do you love me… do you trust me… will you bear my child?”

Zuchu, taken by surprise, responded, “Unanioa lini? Ama unanitumia?” meaning “When will you marry me? Or are you using me?” Without hesitation, Diamond answered, “Kesho,” meaning “Tomorrow.”

The crowd erupted in cheers as the conversation continued, with Diamond pressing Zuchu on whether she trusted him and would be willing to have his child.

Zuchu, with a mix of emotions, stepped away before encouraging the audience to chant “Muoe,” meaning “Marry her.”

The moment was electric, capturing the love and dreams Zuchu and Diamond share.

As fans cheered them on, it was clear that their relationship was not just a source of personal joy, but also a beacon of hope for many who believe in love and family.

Zuchu’s Father’s Day message and Diamond’s public proposal have left everyone eagerly awaiting the next chapter of their love story.

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