Kenyan youth advised on what to consider when seeking jobs abroad

Kenyan youth advised on what to consider when seeking jobs abroad

Youths interested in jobs abroad have been advised to check the legal status of their recruiting agency with the National Employment Authority and the Ministry of Labour.

This will help them avoid losing money to rogue agents, according to the Principal Secretary in the State Department for Diaspora Affairs Ms Roseline Njogu.

She added that those seeking jobs in marine vessels such as cruise ships can also access information on marine work recruiters from the website of the Kenya Maritime Authority.

Ms Njogu was speaking in Embu on Friday where they attended the 2nd Mt Kenya East Diaspora Jobs Fair together with Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire and the Technical and Vocational Education Training Principal Secretary Esther Mworia.

The event brought together diaspora jobs recruiters, Technical and Vocational Education Training Institutes and government departments who advised youth on what they need to access jobs abroad.

She said the Ministry of Labor had cracked the whip on the rogue agents who abandoned their clients in foreign lands after enticing them to sign on.

At the same time, Governor Mbarire noted that over 300 youths showed up at the fair each day which demonstrated how serious the problem of unemployment was in the country.

She said her government is considering setting up a fund in the next budget that will assist youth from disadvantaged families acquire the necessary papers if they get the chance to work abroad.

She challenged the youth to acquire skills that are in demand abroad to improve their chances of securing the opportunities.

Dr Mworia said TVET institution trainers had been retrained to update their skills and that arrangements had been made for skilled workers who did not have papers to be certified by the institutions.

She added that the training in TVETs had been broken into skill sets to make it easier for those needing training to carry out specific tasks  to be quickly helped to acquire needed skills.

At the same time, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Nyeri Branch Chair Ibrahim Ndegwa called for the chamber to be involved in the labor export sector among other things, to ensure those who go to work abroad are not mistreated.

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