EXCLUSIVE: “I’ve never been paid by Gov’t!” – Khalif Kairo speaks on politics, business and relationship


Khalif Kairo, a popular Kenyan businessman and influencer, on Wednesday, July 3 appeared on TV47’s Dr Ofweneke Tonight Show to shed light on why he decided to be involved in the ongoing national discourse on politics and even decided to personally take part in the anti-Finance Bill protests.

“I have so much I need to accomplish in the business world that it does not allow me to go into politics, yet the politics of the day affect my business dream,” Kairo told Dr Ofweneke.

Kairo feels that the political class has let the people down and that more could have been done to prevent the situation where citizens had to take to the streets.

He believes that the responsibility of running the country should be on the political leaders, while the citizens’ role is to innovate, build jobs, make money, and pay taxes.

Kairo emphasized that when the people who pay taxes are the ones on the street, it indicates a big problem that needs to be addressed. He prefers to influence opinions from other sides, such as TikTok, and focus on his business ventures rather than actively engaging in politics.

He, however, rubbished claims that he was paid by the government to participate in the recent anti-Finance Bill protests, insisting that he has always been a role model and inspiration to many people, which puts a heavy burden on him to speak up on important issues.

He also maintained that he leads an honest life and has never stolen a coin or been accused of any criminal activity throughout his 10-year stay in the business world.

Kairo is a believer of order and clear structures in a society. He is of the school of thought that in today’s world, people are often persecuted not by the government, but by the online mob for their opinions.

Here is Khalif Kairo’s full interview on TV47

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