Museveni cautions servicemen to stay away from social media

Museveni cautions servicemen to stay away from social media

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has urged members of the military to embrace knowledge by undertaking different courses.

He also urged them to read widely and desist from living a lifestyle, that would be detrimental to their health.

The head of state was speaking on Saturday during the pass-out ceremony of newly commissioned officers at Kabamba in Mubende District.

President Museveni inspects a guard of honour in Mubende District during the pass-out of 295 cadet officers.

Museveni indicated that he was aware that some members of the military were spending a lot of time on social media.

He stated that most officers were spending too much time chatting with people who might not add value to their lives.

” I hear you spend a lot of Knowledge on social media. Are you chatting with people who are Knowledgeable or you’re exchanging ignorance?” He questioned

The Ugandan leader also revealed that the country is embarking on working towards launching a satellite to reinforce the country’s defence.

He also stated that the military Is consolidating the marine forces to cater for the parts of Uganda covered by fresh waters.

President Museveni also cautioned parents of the 295 new officers not to bother their children by asking them for money.

He emphasised that it was unfair for the parents to use their children to get out of poverty instead of helping them.

“The parents are not using resources to get out of poverty. Uganda has good weather so it is not Godly to be poor.”

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