Arsenal vs Man-United: Raila pays Senator Cheruyiot’s bill after CS Murkomen disappeared

Arsenal vs Man-United: Raila pays Senator Cheruyiot’s bill after CS Murkomen disappeared

The aftermath of yesterday’s English premier league match pitting Arsenal and Manchester United continues to haunt Manchester United fanatics.

The Gunner’s fans have refused to let United fans have breathing space after the match ended 3-1 in favor of Arsenal.

The latest casualty of this banter is Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen, a Manchester United fan.

Murkomen’s disappointment over the match made Azimio leader Raila Odinga part with a few shillings to settle a hotel bill.

As the highly anticipated clash unfolded, Kericho County Senator Aaron Cheruyiot, an Arsenal fan, and CS Murkomen were savoring a cup of tea and samosa at an undisclosed location.

Cheruyiot’s banter

Cheruyiot indicated that Murkomen left t after Gabriel Jesus’s goal in the dying moment of the match,

The senator was left wondering where the CS disappeared leaving him with a huge bill.

“(Has) anybody seen Kipchumba Murkomen?

He left me with a huge bill after Declan and Gabriel did their thing. Jumped up to celebrate, only to find an empty chair and the waiter with the bill.”

Furthermore, Cheruyiot revealed that Raila Odinga, a staunch Arsenal fan, was also in the vicinity, enjoying the match.

“Luckily, fellow gooner Raila Odinga was in the vicinity.  After celebrations, he cleared the bill.”

Murkomen’s response

The CS, in his customary debate style with political rivals, retorted to the Senator, questioning the significance of talking about samosa and tea.

“The country is focusing on Africa Climate Summit 2023 and you are polluting the environment with lots of noise?

“Na ukuwe serious Bwana bill ya chai na samosa ni kitu ya kutangazia Watu?

“Arsenal fans are all the same regardless of their party affiliations.” He added

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