Businesses resume normal operations in Nairobi’s CBD amid fears of protests

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Businesses resume normal operations in Nairobi’s CBD amid fears of protests

Most businesses in Nairobi’s CBD have resumed normal operations amid fears of continued protests in the capital city.

This is after weeks of heightened protests that led to business owners counting losses due to the rampant looting and destruction of property by the alleged hired goons.

Most shops that would have otherwise remained closed for fear of planned demonstrations on Tuesday July 9, 2024, were opened. 

A spot-check by TV47 across the city established normal operations had resumed, signifying progress in healing from teargas smoke that rented the city air in the past few weeks. 

The youth, mainly Gen Zs and millennials had planned to picket within the Nairobi CBD in a protest dubbed ‘Occupy CBD,” calling for accountability from state officers.

After President William Ruto declined to sign the Finance Bill into law, the protesters came up with a raft of demands including complete overhaul of the Kenya Kwanza government. 

However, the anti-riot police were deployed at strategic locations in Nairobi on standby on Tuesday due to the anticipated protests.

The police continued patrolling most parts of the town, especially Nairobi’s CBD, as they were not leaving anything to chance.

Parliament buildings that were invaded by protestors on June 23, continued to witness heavy security that included military personnel who complemented the police in manning the area.

Earlier, some streets leading to parliament buildings had road-blocks by the police but were later  opened to the public. 

Traffic flow has also resumed as normalcy on the roads returned with citizens going about their businesses with less fear. 

The TV47 spot-check also saw security beefed up outside State House with most roads leading to the President’s official residence closed.

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