One dead, 30 injured in Kajiado train accident

One dead, 30 injured in Kajiado train accident

One person has been confirmed dead and 30 others seriously injured after a commuter train was involved in an accident at KMQ, Kajiado

In the 9am Tuesday, July 9 accident, the Magadi-Kajiado commuter train rolled backwards along a steep stretch leaving its occupants nursing injuries with one reported dead on the spot.

According to eye witness, they heard a loud bhang before passengers burst into screams asking for help. 

They blame the accident to rampant vandalism of the railway line and poor visibility occasioned by heavy rains which pounded the area. 

Residents say the railway line has in the recent past been prone to vandalism by rogue scrap metal dealers who play cat and mouse games with check units officers who manage the railway line. 

The commuter train which is the only available public means of transport charges KSh70 for a distance of approximately 135kms.

The train is managed by Tata Chemicals Magadi who operate a cargo train that transports trona from Magadi to its depot in Kajiado town before the same is transported to Mombasa for export.

The injured were treated at the Mile 46 dispensary before being transferred to Kajiado Referral Hospital for specialized treatment. 

The body of the deceased who has since been positively identified is being preserved at the hospital morgue 

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