Police seize Toyota Land Cruiser TX transporting 6 sacks of bhang in Kisii

Police seize Toyota Land Cruiser TX transporting 6 sacks of bhang in Kisii

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) seized a Toyota Land Cruiser TX that was being used for transporting six sacks of bhang (146Kgs) along the Kisii -Migori highway in Kisii County. 

In a statement on Monday July 8, 2024, the DCI reported that one suspect was arrested during the incident.

“A 42-Year-Old man found trafficking 146kg of bhang along the Kisii-Migori highway was yesterday arrested, after a hot pursuit by Kisii law enforcers who had gotten wind of his illicit trade,” DCI reported.

The officers intercepted a Toyota Land Cruiser TX  of registration number KDG 508E with two occupants after mounting a roadblock at the Iyabe Bomokora area.

At the same time, the officers reported that the driver of the vehicle escaped on foot and disappeared in nearby bushes.

“The move prompted a hot chase, but not for long as the Prado got stuck in a ditch to the disappointment of the determined occupants. Even so, the driver managed to scamper into nearby thickets and holed up,” DCI noted.

However, Collins Otieno, the main suspect was arrested and bundled into a police car alongside six sacks of bhang that were found stashed in their vehicle.

The suspect was escorted to Suneka Police Station for further processing, while the seized narcotics and the motor vehicle were taken to Kisii Central Police Station as exhibits.

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