Nairobi: Abel Mutua,Phillip Karanja,Nyashinski join Anti Finance Bill Protesters

Nairobi: Abel Mutua,Phillip Karanja,Nyashinski join Anti Finance Bill Protesters

Kenyan actor and filmmaker Abel Mutua, affectionately known as Mkurugenzi, and Philip Karanja, CEO of #PhilTv, and Nyashinskijoined the Anti-Finance Bill Protesters in Nairobi CBD today.

Their participation in the protest was significant, especially after Abel faced criticism on social media for not showing support for the movement online.

Philip, known for his humour, left Kenyans amused with the message on his placard, declaring he was still healing from his second divorce.

Despite the personal jest, their presence added serious weight to the protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

The protests, dubbed ‘Occupy Parliament,’ drew a diverse crowd, including several celebrities, all united against the bill’s potential negative impact on ordinary citizens.

This movement has not only gained local momentum but has also garnered international attention. Influencers worldwide, with powerful social media accounts, have joined the online struggle, amplifying the message of dissent.

On Wednesday night, the #RejectFinanceBill2024 campaign received a massive boost when the international hacker group Anonymous issued a stern warning to President William Ruto and Kenyan parliamentarians.

They urged the leaders to heed the voice of the people or face severe cyber repercussions.

The electrifying message galvanized the protesters and drew further support from globally renowned entities.

The protests have become a symbol of unity and resilience, with people from all walks of life standing together for a common cause.

Abel Mutua, Philip Karanja and Nyashinski’s participation highlights the role of public figures in championing the voice of the people, proving that their influence extends far beyond the screen.

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